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Small scale complete oil refinery set

Vegetable seed oil processing equipment:

small scale universal complete vegetable oil expelling lines (capacity from 50 to 400kg/hour on sunflower seeds)
This   high  effective and reliable oil expeller set is an ideal low cost equipment for small enterprises who planned to start their own production of vegetable oil.

small scale complete oil refinery set (capacity from 300 to 5000 kg/24 hours)
This complete set high quality cook oil refining unit applies to various kinds of edible oil refining including de-gumming, de-acidification, bleaching and deodorization. The finished oil reaches national standard of high quality cook oil. This unit requires small investment and obtains instant effect.
industrial complete vegetable oil treatment plants with processing capacity of 100MT/24hours and higher.
Complete vegetable oil treatment plant include pretreatment,pressing,oil extraction,oil refining,deodorizatioooon.bleaching,winterization stations. 

Sunflowerseeds  dehulling line 100 kg/hour

Pumpkin seeds dehullinh line

Sunflower and pumpkin seed dehulling lines (for confectionary industry):
capacity on sunflower seed dehulling (both on black and stripped) - up to 2000kg/hour
whole kernel (not crushed) output - 90% minimum
undehulled seeds: 2%(for standard line)

kernel in hull - 0,3 % maximum (for standard line)
final products quality parameters can be significantly improved by adding additional equipment
Different variants of sunflower seed dehulling lines, equipment for sunflower seeds cleaning, special line for kernel cleaning after hulling,special line of kernel cleaning before packing.
Special pumpkin seed cracking line.

Rice milling plant with capacity of 80MT/day

Rice milling plant with capacity of 50MT/day

Rice milling plant:
Daily production range  of standard 1# rice is 30-150MT.
Advanced  technology, reasonable process and high rice output rate.
The polished rice is of superior quality, contains less husk and has smooth surface.
Complete rice plant are designed with a view of meeting the market demand and it is widely welcome by those who invest in the small scale rice mill in the farm, town and countryside. This rice mill is really an ideal mill, offering a full line of equipment, rational diagram and high extraction rate in addition to the compactness, convenient transport, maintenance and no special requirement for the working building. The standardized finished rice is to be produced through the diagram once the paddy comes into the machine

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Clockwise and Anticlockwise flow grain dryer

This machine is mainly applicable for continuous drying of wheat, paddy, corn, soybean and other grains. Compared with traditional dryers, this machine can save energy for 20~30% thanks to high temperature drying technology adopted. It utilizes energy efficiency sufficiently because the grains exposure to the heat air with high temperature only takes several seconds and the contact time is very short. And also the machine is equipped with automatic system of heat air control hence increased reliability and heat efficiency.

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Complete corn(maize)processing plant with capacity of 100MT/day
incl.corn decortication (corn embrio removing), decorticated corn milling, corn embrio oil pressing, corn embrio oil extraction stations, complete corn oil refining (incl.oil bleaching  and deodorization) and winterization station. Higher capacity maize processing plant upon request.

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