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 Complete set of oil expeller
Oil pres model 200-3A (13353 bytes) Oil pres model 95 (13707 bytes) Filter-pres (13992 bytes) Roaster (10980 bytes)
 ZCA oil pump (9333 bytes)
MODEL DL5 DL150 DL250 DL400
Capacity * kg/hour on raw material 50 150 250 400
Oil expeller :
type 95-А 95 95х2pcs 200-3A
power kW. 5.5 7 7.5х2pcs   22
Feed screw conveyor, kW ( 4m high) with inlet hopper 2.2 2.2 3 3
Distribution screw conveyor, kW (2m long) 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75
Filter press 31 x 31 cm x 14 frames 31 x 31 cm x 14 frames 65 x 65 cm x 24 frames 65 x 65 cm x 24 frames
Oil pump, kW. 1.1 1.1 2.2


Roast Kettle, kW Rotating barrel type.Fuel with gas or diesel  0,75х2pcs 1,1х2pcs 1,5х2pcs 2,2х2pcs
Dimensions, mm 500х1200 700х1200 900х1200 1100х1200
Crude oil tank & clean oil tank stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Electric control panel Incl. AMP&Volt meter, temperarture indicator, control for all equipments
Wear & tear spare parts Incl.V-belts, oil rings, worm, sleeve, filter closs etc.
Oil residue of Cake ,% * 5-8 5-8 5-8 5-8
Oil content ,%* 48 48 48 48
Crude oil output kg *  22 62 103 164
Delivery FOB Shanghai, days 30 30 30 30
Delivery in one 20' container one 20' container one 20' container one 20' container
* It is calculated on sunflower seeds
Table of results of different seeds processing
Flow chart for DL150
Flow chart for DL150
  Soybean Rape seeds Cotton seeds
  oil content, % 17 40 23
Yields, kg/hour
   DL50 5 18 8
   DL150 18 53 25
   DL250 28 88 42
   DL400 41 141 67
This   high  effective and reliable oil expeller set is an ideal low cost   equipment for small enterprises who planned to start their own production of vegetable oil.
Complete set of vegetable oil refining unit
refinery.jpg (16693 bytes)

This complete set high quality cook oil refining unit applies to various kinds of edible oil refining including de-gumming, de-acidification, bleaching and deodorization. The finished oil reaches national standard of high quality cook oil (in case of   winterization). This unit requires small investment and obtains instant effect. It is more suitable for small scale oil mills and private entrepreneur and is reccomended to use togetther with complete set of oil expeller
Refining  unit has 10 models with capacity from 300kgs to 5000kgs per day. Please read more...


Industrial vegetable oil treatment equipment

Total view_1.jpg (14762 bytes) Total view_2.jpg (16109 bytes) Total view_3.jpg (13436 bytes) Total view_4.jpg (15667 bytes) oil press expeller
100Mt/day Sunflower Seeds Preatreatment and Pressing Station
Equipment list 100Mt/day sunflower seeds pretreatment and pressing station
50 Mt/day solvent extraction station
50 Mt/day continuous de-acidification&winterization station
50 MT/day  continuous bleaching station  
50 MT/day  contiinuous deodorization station
manpower configuration for Oil Treatment Plant
main quality parameters

100Mt/day Sunflower Seeds Preatreatment and Pressing Station equipment list. Click here to see flow chart

Construction Area: 40X10M2 Height: 4.5X2=9M (Part area require 4.5X3=12M Height)
Dwg. No. Description model Power Q-ty Remarks
kW PCS Material
P-01 Gate Feed Hopper WLQ-80 3 1 Q235-A
P-02 Aspirating Collector YLQ-15 1 Q235-A
P-03 Discharger XGQ-50 2,2 1 Q235-A
P-04 Magnetic Separator TCXT-30 1 SUS 304
P-05 Dentate Roller Huller PSG-215X800 22 1 Q235-A
Р-06 Bucket Elevator TDTG-36/23 1,5 1 Q235-A
P-07 Kernel Husk Separator JFS-60 5,5 1 Q235-A
Р-08 Flake Mill YP80X100 60 1 Q235-A
P-09 Scraper Conveyer GSL-20 3 1 Q235-A
P-10 Cooker Kettle ZCL-24X5 47 1 Q235-A
P-11 Scraper Conveyer GSL-25 3 1 Q235-A
P-12 Oil Press for Once-pressing
or Oil Press for Pre-pressing*
Z-390 110 1 Q235-A
Р-13 Cake Scraper Conveyor GSL-20 3 1 Q235-A
P-14 Crude Oil Tank with Dreg Remover YGY-150х150 1.5 1 Q235-A
P-15 Crude Oil Pump NJB-1 1/2" 1,1 1 Q235-A
P-16 Oil Defecation Tank CYX-3 1,5 1 Q235-A
Р-17 Oil Intermediate Tank YGY-100 1 Q235-A
Р-18 Intermediate Scale 1 Q235-A
P-19 Clean Oil Tank YGY-150х150 1 Q235-A
P-20 Clean Oil Pump 2CY-5/3.3 2,2 1 Q235-A
P-21 Pulse Dust Remover TBLMZ 36A 1,1 1 Q235-A
Р-22 Elevating Aspirator 9-19-6.3A 15 1 Q235-A
P-23 Steam Divider FPW-30 1 Q235-A
Р-24 Husk Discharger o900 1 Q235-A
P-25 Pulse Dust Remover TBLMZ 36A 1,1 1 Q235-A
Р-26 Conveying Aspirator 9-19-6.3A 15 1 Q235-A
Total 298,7 26
* Once pressing is with less oil residue in cakes and may without solvent extraction later. Pre-pressing is with high oil residue in cakes for solvent extraction later.
Manpower Configuration for Oil Plant per shift
Working Section or Station Subsection Qty.
Pretreatment   2
Pressing Expeller 1
  Cooking Kettle 1
Solvent Extraction Extractor 1
  Roaster 1
  Evaporator & Condenser 1
  Coordinator 1
Refining Neutralization 1
  Winterization 1
  Bleaching 1
  Deodorization 1
Mechanic   1
Electrician   1
Laboratory technician   1
Note: This data is based on a normal situation and may adjusted by the customer according to actual working condition.
 Main Production & Technical Index of Sunflower seeds Processing
Process Cleaning Shell separation Flaking
Rate of impurity in oil seed, less or equal 0.5%
rate of oilseed in impurity,less or equal 0.5%
Rate of kernel in hull,less or equal 0.05%
Rate of hull in kernel,less or equal 6%
Thickness after single pressing 0.3~0.4mm
Thickness after pre-pressing and extraction 0.4mm
Single pressing Pre-pressing Extraction
Dry cake (meal) residual oil rate 7-9% 16-22% 1%
Quality parameters of sunflower seeds premium cook oil standard GB10464-2003
Refrective index (n40):1.461~1.468 Iodine value (gl/100g): 118~141
Specific weight (d2020): 0.918~0.923 Saponification value (KOH) (mg/g): 188~194
Composition of fatty acid in accordance with CODEX-STAN 210-1999 of CAC Unsaponifiable matter (g/Kg): less or equal 15
Quality Parameters
Parameter Index
Diaphaneity Clear, transparent
Flavour & taste Fine
Colour (Lovibond colourimeter 5.25" channel), less or equal Y<15 R <1..5
Moisture & Volatile matter (%), less or equal 0,05
Insoluble Impurity (%), less or equal 0,05
Acidity value (KOH)(mg/g),  less or equal 0,2
Peroxide value (mmol/kg),less or equal 5
Freeze test (refrigerate beyond 5 hours below zero) Clear, transparent
Smoke point, less or equal 215
Solvent Residue (mg/kg) in oil after pressing, less or equal 10
Complete corn processing plant with capacity of 100MT/day   (incl. decortication, grinding, corn embrio oil pressing, corn embrio oil extraction stations, complete corn oil refining and winterization unit)  

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