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Flake Mill Model YP80x10

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This machine is suitable for soya beans, peanuts, cotton seeds, rapeseeds and sunflower seeds flaking, the flake thickness is 0.2~0.35mm.
The construction is the hydraulic double roll one and has properties of high production, less power consumption, flakes evenly and low noise. Especially the cast iron base and centrifugal casting roll eliminate the vibration after dynamic balance and the whole unit's operation evenness could be guaranteed.

Main Technical Parameters

Model Capacity tonn/24 hours Flakes sickness,mm Power,kW Dimensions LxWxH mm
YP2x80x100 130 0.2~0.35 30x2 1970x1640x2380
YP2x80x125 180 0.2~0.35 37x2 2400x1760x2630
YP2x80x125 300 0.2~0.35 55x2 2910x1760x2630
YP2x80x125 320 0.2~0.35 110 2810x1760x2630
YP2x80x125 400 0.2~0.35 75x2 3540x1760x2630


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