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Screw Oil Expeller Model Z390(A)

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 Model Z390 is a kind of large-scale continuous type screw oil expeller which is applied for prepress before solvent extraction or once press process of large-scale oil mill. It's suitable for processing of peanuts, cotton seeds, rape seeds, sunflower seeds, soya beans, castor-oil seeds, bran and other oil bearing plant with high oil content.
This machine adopts advanced structure and material synchronous with international technology. It is with good appearance and meaning of main machine required by modern large-scale oil processing manufactory. It is with main characteristics under normal pretreatment condition as follows:
-    Large capacity with small installation area
-    Large compression rate, cakes with loose structure but less crushes and favorable for solvent extraction
-    Oil content and moisture of cakes is favorable for solvent extraction
-    Feeding with variable frequency control and less power consumption
-    Less residues return and purified oil quality, easy for refining
-    Easy and quick disassembling to reduce time of operation stoppage


Model * Capacity Mt/24hrs
Oil residue of Cake % on Rape seeds** Oil residue of Cake % on SF seeds**
Motor Installed Dimension mm
Weight Kgs
Z390 with feeding auger
250~300 18% 20% Y315M-4-160kw/ BWD22-17-4 2.2kw
4228x1480x2360 13400
Z390(A) with feeding auger 120~150 8% 10% Y315L-6-110kw/ BWD22-17-4 2.2kw 4228x1480x2360 13400

model Z390 is used as pre-press. Model Z390(A)  is used as expeller.

**  the parameters mentioned above depend on the normal oil plant with complete oil materials pre-treatment equipment and necessary cooking processing at first. It may be changed in case of different quality of oil materials and operation conditions.
Technical condition before prepress: moisture 3.5%, temperature 110~120
Technical condition before once press: moisture 2.5%, temperature 115~130
* Husk content in kernel after dehulled : 10%

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