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QLM800. Sunflower and pumpkin  kernels cleaning after hulling

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SF kernels cleaning after hulling model QLM600

  • processing capacity - 800 kg/hour
  • cleaning rate - 99,7% minimum (in case of  no more than 5% of impurities on the input)
  • broken kernels can be adjusted in the range of 3%-10% in accordance to requirement
  • contents of unhulled seeds in final product - 1% max
  • power - 8,78 kW/h(380V)
  • occupied area - 14 X 5,2 X 3m (length x width x height)
  • weight - 6 ton 
  • delivery: in three 40' sea container
  • manpower - 2
  • processing humidity- 7-12%
  • FOB delivery Chineese port: 30 days after advance payment

This equipment is used to clean seeds and impurities in the sunflower kernels after hulling, adjust the rate of broken kernels, save hand selection expense and improve the processing efficiency. It is an ideal equipment to process sunflower kernels after hulling.  


Mainly is made up of feed-in hopper, single phase parallel cleaner, 2 separating machine, vibrating & absorbing cleaner for light impurities, central control cabinet, 3 combined spiral elevators and one double-outlet spiral elevator.      




Motor model Qty Power Total power


Feeding hoper


Elevator 4-6A 2 0.5kw
Single phase parallel cleaner Y 90s-2 2 2.2kw
4-6A 4 1,0kw
Elevator 4-6A 2 0.5kw
First separator 4-6A 2 0.5kw
Elevator 5-6A 2 0.74kw
Second separator 4-6A 2 0.5kw
Elevator 5-6A 2 0.74kw
Vibrating and suction cleaner 4-6A 4 1.0kw
Y 90s-2 1 1.1kw
Electric control panel

Flow chart

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Foundation installation
One pass type model with frame, installed on the leveled floor or ground and free of foundation preparation

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