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SHNT reversable flow grain dryer

Scope of application & Features:
This machine is mainly applicable for continuous drying of wheat, paddy, corn, soybean and other grains. Compared with traditional dryers, this machine can save energy for 20~30% thanks to high temperature drying technology adopted. It utilizes energy efficiency sufficiently because the grains exposure to the heat air with high temperature only takes several seconds and the contact time is very short. And also the machine is equipped with automatic system of heat air control hence increased reliability and heat efficiency.
Main Structure & Characteristic:
This machine is with whole metal constructions and composed by knock-down metal plates discreteness. Main discreteness includes storage section, preheating section, heating section, revival section, cooling section, quantitative discharging device, discharge auger, aspirator, heat air burner with coal fuel, temperature automatic adjusting system and electric protection components. It is also possible to increase or decrease the heating sections according to the capacity and moisture reducing range required by the customer.

Main technical characteristics:

1.    High range of moisture reducing percent and applicability. This machine can be assembled with multi sections and apply heat air with higher temperature. The temperature of drying grains isn't exceed 55°C and the once moisture reduction can be achieved about 15%.
2.    Good quality of drying grains and equality of moisture reduction. It adopts multi sections drying technology to grains contains higher percent moisture including Clockwise flow drying > Revival > Clockwise flow drying > Revival … > Anti-clockwise flow cooling. Special air distributing structure is adopted hence ensures heat air distributes to the grains layers equably and each grain has equal opportunity to contact heat air. A revival section is equipped behind each drying section and it makes temperature and moisture both external and internal of the grains to be consistent hence ensures good quality of dried grains.
3.    High heat efficiency. The heat air of drying section flows in same direction with grains. Heat air with high temperature contacts with materials with high moisture content and low temperature at first. Main heat is to vaporize moisture and exhaust gas goes to saturation state. So the heat efficiency is high and the consumption of intermediate gas per MT grains is lower than other models of dryer.
4.    It can be equipped with PLC system and grains moisture online control system to realize automatic control to the full period of drying including air temperature, grains moisture/temperature, material level, speed of grains discharging.

Working Principle

This machine is an attractable closed type dryer and normally designed with drying principle ofSketch of SHNT grain dryer. Click to enlarge. low temperature and big air volume. It can also apply best heat air temperature and air volume according to the requirement from customer and quality requirement of material to be dried, to achieve the goal of energy saving and highFlow chart  for the SHNT grain dryer. Click to enlarge. efficiency. When operation, the grains or beans contains high moisture content are fed into storage section of dryer through bucket elevator. When material loading full, it is discharged automatically by discharging device with the signal from level switch. In the same time, heat air contacts with material sufficiently through the aspirator and the purpose for moisture reduction is achieved. The dryer model SHNT works continuously, the wet material is fed in from the inlet hopper continuously and always ensure the dryer in full loading. The moisture is discharged outside of machine by temperature increasing and moisture reduction system. The dried material is discharged equably outside of machine by the discharging device after cooling and is easy to store or next process.

Technical parameters




SHNT-10 SHNT- 15 SHNT- 25
Capacity, MT per day 100 200 300 500
Moisture reduction percent,% 5~15 5~15 5~15 5~15
Power installed,kW 60 119 159 216
Heat air temperature, C 70 70 70 70
Rice split encreased after dryed, % 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3
Temperature max. of grains, C <45 <45 <45 <45
Temperature of grain discharged, C <5 <5 <5 <5
Dimensions (mm) 2000x2000x12000 3000x3000x12000 3500x3500x15000 4000x4000x18000
Net weight (kg) 32000 45770 58020 92820


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